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Father drinking son learns not beautiful
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Father drinking son learns not beautiful

American researcher discovers, the son of excessive drinking father, especially father already produced antisocial when character is maladjusted, larger possibility is inferior to other boy on school work. This one phenomenon is in on had begun to become apparent since elementary school.

Rest closely the researcher Bonn that root continent establishs university psychology to fasten says, this one blemish caused problem of the following life, enter adolescence and inchoate adult phase especially, they may produce problem of a few behavior, excessive drinking and other trouble.

Bonn worked in the same place to undertake study to boy of 198 elementary school extremely, they discover, the child of 2/3 has the father of an excessive drinking, the child is 3 groups by cent: Father excessive drinking, and have turn over social individual character; Father excessive drinking, but did not turn over social individual character; Father does not drink.

Findings makes clear, the boy of excessive drinking of two groups of father, appear easily the problem with low intelligence quotient, the level that their father gets education commonly is low. Have the child that returns social individual character to those father for, of its mom get education the level is low also, and it is young father mother.