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Parents should take children mental hygiene seriously
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Parents should take children mental hygiene seriously

Learning age is the important level that character forms, it is development of body and mind half babyish the interim of half maturity. The child during this is sensitive, flimsy, the stimulation of all sorts of adverse elements, if parents expects to be worth burden of exorbitant, study,overweight, desire and possibility short of are united, mistreat or scar of feud of doting, family, spirit can make its nerve function maladjusted, bring about psychological behavior obstacle.

Fuluoyide puts forward psychologist, can make human performance maladjusted and be become to send disease to because of,be moved by depressive mood and psychological conflict. Airframe mentation is affected badly, can bring about acuteness and abiding nerve endocrine disorder, create organism a series of physiology change, those who include system of hormone, enzymatic, immunity and other metabolization course is disorder. Right-hand seat is stimulated to be able to produce multiform mood to react first in heart behoove, be like angst, anger and sadness, and corresponding plant nerve change.

While care child body is healthy, the society still ought to take children mental hygiene seriously. Raise parental culture level, build a family harmonious atmosphere, protect those who hold the parent and teacher to communicate, the education that strengthens pair of children, before be obstacle of behavior of precautionary children psychology is important.