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Beware health of child of influence of psychology of parent morbid state grows
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Beware health of child of influence of psychology of parent morbid state grows

Aux used to says " a piece of white paper good picture is newest the most beautiful drawing " , actually, after the child is born, psychological state also is like a piece of white paper same, the element such as means of psychological quality of the parent, breeding decided the child's psychology develops way greatly. The child always is recounted when some strip child will seek advice this is bad that is bad, little imagine because clammy psychology of the parent is caused,a lot of problems are.

Above all, beyond the mark and ambitious, vanity of the parent is exorbitant can raise exorbitant requirement to the child, the body and mind that lets the child bears the pressure of excess load, cause such and such psychogenic disorder finally even disease. For example, have a parent all after school time arranged 7 years old of children to train course variously, piano, painterly, English, calligraphy, play chess, composition is waited a moment, because result child is too nervous cause throbbing - bawdry syndrome. Return some the child supervises next asing if to learn an exam in the parent's rigor is for the parent, it is OK still to learn at ordinary times, get with respect to insecurity to the exam disastrous, insomnia, anorexia, hysterical fit, exam of some drawing near wants to abandon unexpectedly.

The 2nd, beyond the mark captious, perfect creed of the parent causes the child to make much psychogenic disorder. For example, the parent asks to child writing job very much, the child writes brushstroke to want to relapse draw, brushed write, wrote brush, result start is slow, take an exam to be not written sometimes, serious still can cause force action.

The 3rd, nervous angst mood of the parent can send the child. Some children as a child weak and sick, the parent is anxious very much, often complain, be favored with of long-winded of irritating, garrulous, pay close attention to overly to the child, result child becomes sensitive suspicious, self-abased, shrink back, jumpy.

The 4th, the parent always is negative to the child, let the child lose self-confident heart. The parent always hopes the child wants to be behaved with oneself in one's childhood euqally good, better even, a bit a bit defect censures inscrupulously, beat and scold regard as common occurrence. A child of 5 years old often gets angry, work to did not grow a gender, ask why he is met such, he says to often be done bad, endure mom to say, one day should say 3 times, did not praise, want to get angry so.

Such and such problem always should appear in growing process of the child, the parent should tolerate the child is faulty, await the child to grow patiently. When the problem that discovers the child, meditate first oneself problem, loosen a bit, oneself problem was solved, the child's problem also is met be readily solved. Oneself are not solved, can look for psychological doctor the help is analysed and correctional.
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