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Star volunteers for the opening of the Asian Paralympic volunteers SPS provide
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Volunteer service at the beginning of persons with disabilities may have greater psychological impact and pressure, emotions may be some volatility, then please call 丛 COLLECTION "life hotline" for help. Today I learned from the Asian Games Volunteer Department, the forthcoming opening of the Guangzhou 2010 Asian Paralympic Games, 丛 COLLECTION "Suicide" workshop from now on as 530,000 Asian Paralympic volunteers "Green Goat" to provide psychological counseling services , so that volunteers better serve the Asian Paralympics more professional. In need of "Green Goat" can be transferred 丛 COLLECTION Suicide dial 114 or dial 020-84429199,86191234. Difficult to find "丛 COLLECTION SPS" "We usually answer the main phone consultation of young people to help those who have psychological pressure, thinking conflicts have a negative tendency in the group FAQ. Since the Games began in November, there are many Asian Games, Asian Paralympic volunteers come to us to talk. especially in the last few days, the just-concluded Asian Games, Asian Paralympic Games about to begin, many volunteers are needed psychological adjustment, it is more necessary when we effectively guided. "丛 COLLECTION Corps volunteer, executive vice captain, retired teachers Shijing Zhi said. According to incomplete statistics, this year, "Suicide," has received assistance to 24,728 times, which 丛 COLLECTION studio to answer calls 3097 times, the hotline service totaled more than 31,025 hours, life through the radio 丛 COLLECTION 3356 times hotline calls, SMS 18275 Article. 丛 COLLECTION: service disabled should be treated differently Since the December 5, the Guangzhou Asian Games has entered the volunteer service, "the Asian Paralympic Games time", 53 million Asian Paralympic volunteers prepared to do a comprehensive induction. However, the author interviewed found that despite receiving a comprehensive and professional training and volunteer service sub-Paralympic Test Event drills, but the hearts of many Asian Paralympic volunteer is still not practical, after all, is the first time some volunteers disabled access and services. I learned from 丛 COLLECTION Service Corps, in order to better serve the Asian Paralympic volunteers, the service team specifically recruited a number of colleges and universities in the psychology of professional volunteers, and they were targeted, the service sub-disabled special training for volunteers. Just won the national "Pokka" said volunteers 丛 COLLECTION, Asia Paralympic volunteers, disabled volunteers and provide general services in different volunteers, in addition to the disabled to have a certain expertise, but also be aware of the crowd psychological state. "Blind introverted, gentle, rich inner world, emotional experience of deep and subtle; and deaf outgoing personality, a strong emotional response, high frequency but short duration, bold upright character." To this end, he suggested that "Green Yang Yang "to treat different types of disabilities, the need to pay attention to different modes of services.