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Teachers group counseling students into the safety and ease pressure on middle
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November 26 afternoon, Anyang Teachers College School of Education Science, "Mental Health Awareness Week activities, psychological testing and counseling site," was successfully held in the Security Division High School. At the head of psychological Zhao Minxuan panel members and security division under the leadership of the 200 third grade middle school students spent a happy and meaningful afternoon. "Do you think you can drum up to 5 seconds how many palm?" "10 times, 20 times, 50 times ... ..." questions in the curriculum and step Zhang Guizhou group of 120 third-year students to the classroom a positive answer, this time in "confidence" psychological incentive programs as the theme kicked off. Through the sharing of inspirational quotes, watch called "never give up" and "Eagle's second life" video, so that the face of the pressure in the examination the students gain confidence in three days, some hope again. The Advisory Group Zeyi appreciation and measuring the image as the starting point of psychology, inspired students interested in the psychological knowledge. Followed by the "Test your temperament" and "self-evaluating the amount of test anxiety" two psychological questionnaires, measurement of team members through consultation scores and on-site analysis of the guide, students correct their own state of mind, face a more positive attitude the pressure of learning. Active group and the students in the playground playing a "three four-legged," "pool" and "basketball team" game, students and activities of the group members mingle, relax yourself in the game, reducing the pressure of study at the same time learn unity, hard work and help each other. After the event, the Communist Youth League secretary of the school safety division middle school teachers and Guo celebrate this event gave a high evaluation to the counseling group also appreciated the efforts of all members.