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China Youth Daily Psychological Counseling Volunteer Services Yushu Gansu
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Recently, the emergency recruitment of psychological counseling in Gansu Province, Lanzhou volunteer team from the start, rushed to earthquake-stricken areas Yushu in Qinghai Province, to carry out a period of 10 days of psychological intervention and assistance. Counseling Institute of Gansu Province Vice President and Secretary General Mo prosperous introduction, this volunteer team into the disaster areas, schools, hospitals and other places, psychological assistance to local education and training for teachers, mental health counseling to students to take through the lectures, networking, interactive, games, etc., to help teachers and students to relieve stress. In addition, teams will also survivors, injured, bereaved persons, and all the personnel involved in assistance to other personnel in the disaster areas to provide assistance to enable them to quickly get rid of the trauma caused by the earthquake.