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The psychology that does not let you felt risk
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[text] on September 10, the world prevents suicidal sun; On October 10, world spirit defends birthday. In this one the middle of a month, mental health got more attention. Long-term since, people often cares the physiology environment of oneself more, ignored likewise important to health psychology environment however. Current, our country has patient of more than 26 million depressed disease, the depressed disease crowd of the whole world near 400 million. Research shows: The mortality of depressed disease patient is 2 times of Everyman at least, and 35 times suicidal rate is Everyman more, there is 15% to will be ending in order to commit suicide in depressed disease patient.

Look in the expert, depressed be everybody is encountered possibly in every phase actually, resemble a cold same, cure extremely easily. And once people is immersed in gloomy dilemma, be at a loss, do not add cure, depressed resemble eddy same, coil the patient deeper more...

Face up to mood obstacle

What depressed disease points to normally is mood obstacle, be a kind with mood low the syndrome that is main feature. Fourth · of famous psychologist horse Sailiman calls depressed disease psycho medium " cold " . The person of about 12 % can have depressed experience in lifetime.

The element that causes depressed disease is more complex, basically have the following kinds. Genetic element: If there is the patient of depressed disease in the family, so the machine rate that produces depressed disease is older. Biochemical element: Of material of the biochemistry inside the head is the main factor that depressed disease comes on mussily. Additional, specific medicaments can be brought about or aggravating and depressed disease. Environmental element: The tremendous change of difficulty of human relation insecurity, economy or lifestyle, metropolis hurried sends depressed disease. Sometimes the happening of depressed disease is as apoplectic as the head also wait for body disease to concern. Disposition element: When anything crops up pessimistic, self-confident heart is poor, hold a gender to differ to the life, the person of excessive concern suffers from very easily on depressed disease.

Jump out psychological trap

"How am I met such? " " how do I often destroy my favour? " " why do I cannot get what I want from beginning to end? " the psychological pit that these anguished cry may make you be installed for oneself. To avoid to fall into depressed eddy, these obstacles must span under.

Excessive and self-abased, the person with self-abased serious feeling falls in proper pride cause trouble, meet those who make fantastic raise the value with him proof sometimes, the result takes his to be defeated oneself instead. Corresponding bumbledom, peacockish, the person of self-partiality, also can bump into the door of self-destruction directly normally. In addition, affection is babyish also need vigilance, in order to play the part of the attention that antic babyish behavior arouses another person, not only get respect very hard, and the means that is a kind of him blow. Still have for example unrealistic vain hope, pessimistic world-weary complex, perhaps retaliate a heart stimulation of strong, pursuit, love goes slant sharp edge, obdurate and suspicious etc.
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