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Mental health is a kind of right
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[text] a lot of people are in now when facing all sorts of psychology problems, for instance angst, depressed, hesitation, anguish can'ts bear waiting, dare not walk into a hospital however, dare not seek the doctor's help, be afraid of others him comment " this individual has psychological problem " , " this individual is invigorative ill " . Then most person chose to be borne silently. Painful person aid through buying psychological book to come from, little part person is passed network, phone, epistolary wait for a form to seek a help, conceal oneself see a doctor; Return some person
Talk in a roundabout way, bypass the hospital of door mouth, see a doctor to very far place; Some people are less than the heart science department of the specialized subject hospital that treats psychological disease or polyclinic to see a doctor, see a doctor to nerve division, digestive division however, apparent these people counterpoise without the mental health that maintains his not only, wear in ego block up however the implementation of this one right.
This year the beginning of the year, some group president dies in the suicide inside room of some big public house. According to because marriage is frustrated,weighing this plute, already resided a hotel one year alone. A few universities produce an undergraduate to jump continuously the incident that the building dies, cause very big echo socially. Li Enzhu of star of Chen Baolian of singer Xie Jin, actor, Korea life that also ends oneself prematurely with committing suicide. The person such as star of group manager, an unusually lucky person, movie and TV fails to see psychological doctor in time before one's death, not very good the mental health that maintains oneself counterpoises, the forfeiture that counterpoises with life finally is cost.

In the developed country, see psychology the doctor is taken seriously with seeing average doctor. According to investigation shows, there is a psychology to seek advice from division in 1000 people of American, a lot of families still have his private psychology doctor. The person that has 30 % sees psychological doctor regularly, the person of 60 % will be nonsked go psychological clinic. American government was in 1972 the White House is special establish " committee of presidential mental health " , offer psychology technically to seek advice for the president. Be in abroad to see psychological doctor is very costly, horary psychology seeks advice from cost to restrain 150 dollars, people feels with can seeing psychological doctor proud.

Additional, not must when the ability when psychological problem is very bad goes seeing psychological doctor, the problem that still has not enough time to be aware of oneself in you even when, you can be harvested somewhat over psychological doctor, at least you should understand: See psychological doctor, going after mental health is in the right that upholds you, this is healthy behavior.

Our country " civil code general rule " the 98th regulation: The citizen enjoys life health to counterpoise. Among them the physiology function that healthy advantageous position points to to the citizen maintains the body to organize is perfect and the right of mental health. In last few years, domestic psychology seeks advice to develop flourishingly with remedial major, the implementation that upholds mental health right for people offerred explicit condition. People needs change sense, overcome oneself this protective screen, cogent the mental health that maintains oneself counterpoises, move toward the life of more healthy harmony thereby
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