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Psychological pressure is measured oneself
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It is a when the report of investigation and study that publishs according to ministry of Japanese university medicine weaves diagnostic watch below. This diagnostic watch listed the symptom that 30 ego diagnose, if be in these symptoms, you appeared 5, belong to slight tension model, need to be added more only advertent, the attention is adjusted rest to be able to restore; If 11 reach 20, belong to severe strain model, be necessary to saw a doctor; If is in 21 above, can appear so the problem that gets used to an obstacle, this causes special attention with respect to need. The project that these 30 ego diagnose is: 
1. often head cold, and cure not easily. 
2. often has the state with algid hands or feet. 
3. palm and alar often perspire. 
4. appears suddenly the anguish that breathes difficulty is asphyxial feeling. 
When 5. intentional dirty palpitant phenomenon. 
6. has pectoral painful circumstance to happen. 
7. has the befuddled feeling that the head feels again or brains does not regain consciousness. 
8. eye is very easy and fatigue. 
9. has n&v snuffle appearance. 
10. has dizzy case to happen. 
11. stands from time to tome the case of feel dizzy. 
12. has the appearance of tinnitus. 
There are burst or fester case to happen inside 13. oral cavity. 
14. often larynx is painful. 
Bai Tai appears on 15. tongue. 
16. faces him to like eating thing, be without appetite however. 
17. often feels to eat the thing below to be like deposit in the stomach. 
18. has abdominal feel distended, aching feeling, and often issue dysentery, constipation. 
19. shoulder ministry is very easy and hard ache. 
20. back and waist often ache. 
21. exhaustion feeling removes not easily. 
22. has the appearance of lose weight. 
23. does a bit thing to feel very fatigue immediately a little. 
24. often has a listless feeling that does not come in the morning. 
25. cannot concentrate energy absorption work. 
26. Morpheus is bad. 
The dream often is made when 27. sleeps. 
28. continues not easily when awaking suddenly late at night to be asleep again. 
29. and person intercourse dinner party become very disinclination. 
30. has a bit a bit not satisfactory can get angry, and from time to tome unstable condition happens. 

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