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15 issues with psychological the largest pressure
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Western medicine home and psychologist think, total meeting encounters various irritated worry in the lifetime of thing person, make what the person feels psychological pressure is the greatest have 15 things among them, according to its consequence lose by force ordinal for:
1. Conjugal death.
2. Divorce.
3. The death of domestic member, especially of one's own children die young.
4. Get hurt badly, especially the scar that serious contingency causes the body to cannot be made up for, if cause be marred by a scar, maimed person,wait a moment.
5. Marry, especially newly-married around.
6. Unemployment and emeritus.
7. Be pregnant and give birth to the child.
8. Unit of work of occupational change, shift.
9. Be forced to mortgage or lose atone for to take advantageous position.
10. The child leaves home or live apart.
11. Participate in major competition and contest.
12. Begin to go to school or draw near graduation.
13. Be on bad terms with boss happening.
14. Remove new residence.
15. Go vacationing.