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Understand class lacerate hand not to point to - - the heart that who will come
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Xinhua net Hefei on October 9 report (reporter Cai Min)   5 tall because 3 schoolgirls are long-term het-up, abrupt dizziness is jerky on classroom, the condition is critical; Because understand a lesson,a junior high school is born not, angst ground points to when hall lacerate hand; An elementary school the girl of 5 grade because result is bad, generation is gone against badly turn over psychology, be in avowedly classroom lira defecate. A chain of similar incident that city of Hefei of the Anhui province produced a few days ago, cause people to think: Who will pay close attention to the child's heart?

Education of foundation of bureau of Hefei city education is in Wang Min of wholesome and healthy expert to be in speak of when at present middle and primary school lays mental health condition, appear anxiety-ridden. She and not long ago of Hefei city sanitation and antiepideic station reach periphery to Hefei city many 3000 middle and primary school of 3 counties is unripe launched psychological investigation, discover 28. The child of 1 % appears depressed symptom, 16. The child of 9 % contracts angst disease.

Analysis of Mr. Wang Min says, self-abased, impatient, obstinate, solilo-quize, love cries be troubled by, till the influence is healthy, it is the expression of obstacle of child existence spirit. And the communication of heart of lack and parent, teacher and heart is the crucial account that produces these problems. A proposal that she understands without number. A parents is bearing the weight of from the 6 grade schoolgirl of different the exorbitant expectation with single close impenetrable mother: Every semester must be taken an examination of the first. Enormous psychological pressure, tormenting the child to rectify late whole evening to sleep to be not worn become aware, in held 5 years of whole classes the first hind, the child's achievement begins to glide, one exam is hit with respect to the whole body tremble, cannot learn normally at all finally, can come home temporarily only suspend one's schooling.

Wang Min says, a few study at a school on a temporary basis the child at key school, mental health problem is highlighted especially. The exorbitant expectation of the discrimination of this school student, parent, teacher is scanty at the care, make these children general the symptom with self-abased, depressed existence.

Shi Bing of Zhao of children education expert reminds say, as the aggravate that modern society competes, people psychology bear is aggravating, into person psychology insalubrious phenomenon rises apparently, but very few somebody notices those who rise to adult psychology problem is to be accumulated as a child, say from this degree, the mental health of children is more important, if not seasonable channel, education, the ability that can affect children to get used to a society, human truck capacity and study result.

Mental health problem of the child caused the attention of educational group. A few big in urban middle and primary school begins to set psychological advisory room, in order to help children in unlock heart " knot " . Bureau of Hefei city education was recently on this foundation, started " take student family, take student heart " a visit to the parents or schoolchildren or young workers of the type that help a network acts. "Are you willing to make up a missed lesson in playday? " " what do you want to say to teacher, parent most " " do you perceive class mood how? " ... come from October 1 before November 10, the classmaster of middle and primary school of limits of Hefei whole town reachs teacher assuming a tax to will take these problems to begin a visit to the parents or schoolchildren or young workers. After the activity ends, the school combs the feedback circumstance of the parent and student questionnaire seriously even, the question that raises in the light of student and parent undertakes thinking over. And door of Ministry of Education also will " double go " the activity brings into a teacher Shide test and school year spend assessment in, the activity that develops for a long time as holds on.
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