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7 simple methods can enhance your immunity power
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Edible herb kind food: According to nutrient immunology the home studies, herb kind food has 3 big functions: It is to adjust endocrine function, stabilize immune system thereby; 2 it is to have natural cleared effect, OK and cleared slip into the ill other people inside human body, protect immune system; 3 it is to offer vitamin, mineral with etc special nutrient, nutrient immunity system. Accordingly, in the doctor guidance falls, the herb such as reasonable edible hawkthorn, ginger, orange, Xianggu mushroom, soja, ginseng, licorice, towel gourd, have profit to enhancing your immune muscularity.
Morpheus: Russia expert thinks, the meeting inside the human body when Morpheus produces the Morpheus factor of acid of wall of a kind of afterbirth that be called, can make leucocyte increase, huge bite cell is active, hepatic and alexipharmic function increases, kill invasive microbe or virus thereby. Accordingly, by had slept to become aware by the quantity character, can make your immune force " further upward " .
Reasonable bask: The ultraviolet beam of light in sunlight can stimulate the T in human body skin, dehydrogenation cholesterol is changed into vitamin D3. Do not look down upon this kind of extremely common vitamin, need 0.009 milligram to be able to make your immune force adds 1 times only everyday.
Anteprandial draft fruit: According to immunology home observation, the as a result of cooked food stimulation after the person is dining, can make system of the immunity inside body is caused " the wolf came " illusive, move the whole body thereby " healthy bodyguard " strengthen guard. Often such, can damage immune system, reduce immune force. If be in anteprandial fruit of 1 hour of draft, this kind of undesirable stimulation that can eliminate cooked food and protective immunity system.
Eat vegetable raw: A large number of interferon are contained to lure unripe agent in vegetable, have the effect that prevents disease to fight cancer. But this kind of vegetable good part is very delicate, not high temperature resistant, show namely when 100 ℃ not steady state, reason appropriate eats vegetable raw.
Laugh more: Laugh at what can arouse human body a lot of chemical material that concern with immunity, enhance immune power thereby.
Physical training: The grow in quantity of leucocyte interpose element that can make blood medium, enhance nature to kill and wound cellular active then, kill virus and cancer cell.

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