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White-collar: Measure you " be good at business "
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HQ is current the most popular notion, namely your " be good at business " . Investigation data makes clear, at present the current situation of our country crowd still has very big difference from the high level of healthy quality, inferior healthy crowd is as high as 70% , is the HQ that calculates you quite tall? What lifestyle still needs to be adjusted?


Fatigue signal announces airframe has needed to rest, should quit the job.

The signal of most mental exhaustion is psychological exhaustion feeling, this kind of fatigue feeling is human body organ or main cell (the cell that be like a head) what work to continueing is inimical.

Fatigue signal announces, airframe has needed to rest, should quit the job, with Morpheus, recreation, athletic sports (or physical labor) adjust what wait for active means to promote brain function accordingly. If exceed an amount,right now compulsive cerebra continues to work, can add heavy psychology exhaustion, cause the loss of cerebral cell, or make cerebral function restores to produce an obstacle.

Via social investigation its have 4 kinds of people to compare incidental overfatigue. One kind is belonged to at ordinary times ignored inferior healthy crowd. The 2nd kind belongs wealthy person, know to consume only and do not tell the person that maintain. The 3rd kind belongs to a career model " the job is mad " . The 4th kind belongs to the blood relationship that heredity dies early, the person of flatter oneself health. Accordingly, these crowds should cause enough attention.

Use all sorts of cerebral excitement measure to eliminate psychological exhaustion to feel, meeting influence is healthy.

In actual life, a lot of people like to use all sorts of cerebral excitement measure to eliminate psychological exhaustion to feel, complete the work in order to continue. Actually, the method that uses excited brain forces cerebrum to continue to work, will naturally increase heavy psychology exhaustion and cellular loss, very harmful to airframe, can cause an illness to worsen even and appear " overfatigue is dead " . Cerebral exhaustion still can affect disease of a lot of body and mind, wait like bronchitic, heart disease, gastralgia, insomnia. The most serious head exhaustion still can make the person's psychology bears sometimes ability drops.

Stay up late to review ill health.

Although person of a lot of white-collars says on the mouth " too tired " , but always stay up late to review however. The person became tired should lie on the bed to rest earlier. Otherwise, in the course of time is right healthy very harmful.

Day black retire for the night, day break rises namely, this is the mankind's original life rule, break this kind of law, meeting influence is healthy. Consider can the lifestyle of healthy long life, can increase present vigor 20% or 30% , multitask is made or much work arrives 10 years 20 years.


Love eats treatment food, do not love to eat vegetable, can cause cancer.
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