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Computer a group of things with common features can try massage therapeutics
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One of informatization times indicates significantly even if computer has lived to be linked together cheek by jowl with ours. But, we are praising it while, computer also warmth
Affectionately ground is damaging our health, computer collects the life that walking into us stealthily integratedly.

Computer a group of things with common features

It is long-term that computer is asked for integratedly because the person with computer always together is long-term the muscle that a pose causes is fatigue, all sorts of electromagnetism field, ray radiation are right of airframe damage,
And bring about central nervous force of immunity of maladjusted, airframe drops, cause have a headache, insomnia, heart-throb, much sweat, anorexia, disgusting and mood low, thinking slow, look
Yi Ji anger, constant feeling is tired wait, female comrade returns likelihood occurrence menstruation to be not moved wait for a phenomenon. Muscle of acerbity backache of phlogistic like week of cervical vertebra disease, shoulder, waist, arm is inflexible it is to see repeatedly more
Not bright.

The expert points out, if a children rises to be infatuated with computer from 8 years old, so after 10 years, he can make the patient that computer solicits integratedly.

Modern medicine theory thinks: Massage gimmick can rise to restrain the adjustment with excitement to central nervous system action, can achieve analgesia and composed effect thereby.

Massage still can improve small loop obstacle, of the CO2 in adding fatigue muscle excrete a quantity, accelerate blood and lymphatic fluid loop; Adjust splanchnic function, make battalion,
Defend, gas, blood is exuberant; Make person mind times add, buoyant, the psychology that because psychology is nervous,remove and brings and physiology are tired out; Alleviate week of cervical vertebra disease, shoulder is phlogistic,
The symptom such as lumbago, make person mind clear, energetic.

Accordingly, while what enjoying computer to bring when us is a lot of and convenient, must do good ego psychology to adjust, strengthen consciousness of ego psychology health care, adopt surely
Wanted precautionary measures. Additional, must not forget use massage therapeutics makes he is avoided suffer the computer adverse effect to the body.

Origin: Contemporary health signs up for  author: Zhang Chunsheng