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Go in marital end, I must resemble a ghost too
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Go in marital end, I must resemble a ghost too

1 I am compare mope, do not be good at expressing oneself feeling. Disposition disposition is easier also excited, although won't roughhouse, but talk sometimes may blame the flavour that grouse a bit, let wife feel not quite comfortable, what don't I have actually, the thing that just feels oneself seem to have a lot of wants to worry about. This may grow with my domestic background the environment concerns. But I and my classmate friend also is done not have in that way, what also be in is very good; Did not show me the sort of undesirable mood. Life of my this individual is very economic, the person with domestic very strong sense. I hold very big hope to marriage, the result is the home comes loose however wife from.

2 we are different province, go 3 years in together, in 4 years, I all the time very expectation very go managing a love attentively, I am to hope most between a family can happy and harmonious get along. We often also have din to pass, very big reason is I see she has bad or it is wrong place when, although my jumping-off place is good, but although the mood that I talk is not heavy but complain a bit it seems that, let her listen to get angry a bit, but no matter how make a noise,get angry, I can acknowledge a mistake very quickly. We also have twice during say to want to part company, next happy still finally become reconciled are persuaded to be together in my effort.

Last year June, we went registering marry. Before this, her parents objects us be together stoutly all the time, my parents pours opinion of it doesn't matter. (she says recently later, if if her parents holds to again,objecting before, she is won't marry with me)

The problem basically is after my daughter is born, the daughter is fast now a year old big. After the daughter is born, my Mom comes over to help take care of, she cannot bear the sight of my Mom very much, also do not let my Mom adopt a child, what does my Mom say she is essential inexorable go, tell her to do confinement to want what to notice, she also is paid no attention to, the likelihood basically is a language not quite be interlinked, but most at least still can understand. I see my Mom is quite sad also, I also am a bit angry, also said my wife wants showing good sense to an a respectful form of address for an old person, can bear bear as far as possible, she also not utter sth or in that way. Because want to prepare a feast, so my Mom goes back first after 10 days, when my Mom goes, mix early greatly my wife lets sb know, my wife also lies on the bed " hum " whats did not say. I looked to make a heart really in afflictive.
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