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Should I go back to the motherland?
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Should I go back to the motherland?

I this year 30, hainan city person, husband 31, guilin country one's previous experience. We are alumnus, he is taller than me. In the university each other know everybody, but without any contacts, he is good to my of the university impression nevertheless.

He is in after graduation Nanchang some college teach school, and I work in Guangdong. He stops firewood to take office to African job later, because project group still needs an interpreter, I contacted him, such we just begin to have a contact. He goes abroad first, after half an year my follow at sb' heels. Before long we became a sweet heart.

Our since lover is working partner, the concern is constant and intense, because the job conflicts,basically be. There is one student sweet heart before he goes abroad, hinder to part company at school pressure, the girl puts forward, but he is right she all the time bear in mind constantly. Because of the thing of student lover, we had quarrelled, also had parted company. He goes back to the motherland after, continue to become a teacher, also go back to the motherland after my half an year, I go looking for him, we are together again, will marry in September at 7 years. Because bridal chamber was not checked and accept, lease the building that his school works in the same place all the time. I work without stability all the time after marriage, now and then do translate temporarily, income is not steady. Our relation stand or fall after marriage, had mentioned a divorce each other, but it pass a few days is good to pass a few days.

Because the school asks the teacher of undergraduate course wants to have graduate student record of formal schooling, judge title all up otherwise. He is taken an examination of for the first time grind failure, the heart is born meaning, take an examination of in the 2nd grind backward the school puts forward to leave one's post, the Petroleum Company in was being contacted. But take an examination of the 2nd times grind achievement comes out, he the line on total cent, he is indecisive, in me the opinion falls, he chooses to stay school. What he enters oneself for an examination is Guangdong some university, because politics differs a minute, can read only at one's own expenses, two years tuition wants twenty thousand and four, adjust can go Guangxi some university. Because we are paid after house money, economy is not bounteous, the student lover that adds him is in Guangzhou again (married, but with me husband still has connection) , so I object him reading wide outside, ask he reads Guangxi some university. He chose Guangxi finally, will term begins 8 years in September.
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