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What how the wife answers the husband is unusual
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What how the wife answers the husband is unusual

After the professional woman of beautiful self-confidence gets married, perhaps some day, you can discover delicate change of the husband: For instance, he cares you very much before, right however nowadays you are abrupt and cool; Before him very the mood that cares about you, always look cold and indifferent to you however of late; Or, be away on official business many days you think the night in meet again pours out words from one's heart to him, but he is carried on the back however to you, let you feel he resembles a stranger, such moment -- ,

Psychologist tells us, abrupt change most of the husband happens in the head of matrimony a few years. After the passion of love fades, each other attraction is dim, but both sides has not been built make each other very accommodative habits and customs, at this moment, if you are returned,cling like conventional woman outmodel conventions, the man is really easy freakish, because do not have definite idea,yourself also is met and produce the error of judgement.

If you encountered similar problem, not impatient, not pessimistic, learn introspection of static heart ego, find out the crucial point of the problem from which, to marital road of future, the settlement of every problem can make both of you more harmonious.

Husband of the first kind of circumstance has an affair really
Someone says, face an affair, professional female wants pain than conventional woman. This word not without the truth. Because the self-awareness of professional female is stronger, what this itself brought up them is sensitive, vulnerable. Next, professional female often compares conventional woman more cultured, this makes they value their self-esteem overly, do not wish to have before the husband break self-respect. Below this kind of circumstance, if they love their man very much, marital affair can bring greater anguish to them undoubtedly. So, study handles an issue calmly, an appropriate searchs to balance a dot for oneself in mentally, attach most importance to especially to professional female should.
So, if your husband produced an affair suddenly, how should you do? Psycho: The breeding that lets you becomes you to solve the motivation of the problem

A lot of moment, good education is in when producing a problem, often can become the resistance of intellectual female. In must trying to be manacled from cultural at this moment, liberate come out, tell oneself, breeding should make I acquire better psychological quality, and become the motive force that I solve a problem, such you can put down cultural very quickly to load, face up to the problem of at present, the society is a center with the problem.

1. Think calmly, judge correctly
Face marital affair, any women are not easy and sober. But it is the first situation that you solve a problem calmly, how should be done?
(1) does not handle an issue that day
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