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Should make do with for the child marriage?
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Should make do with for the child marriage?

Setting: According to the report, the data shows, in the marriage that has in the Chinese, some belong to both sides to already made do with without emotive of husband and wife model marriage, and patchy one big reason is " for the child " . Someone says, the party of this kind of patchy marriage has a complete home for the child, maintain hard with god-given sense of responsibility, this is a kind of great sacrifice, be worth to admire; Also somebody thinks, husband and wife two such making do with is irresponsible to him emotive not only, also be greater harm to the child, still be inferior to the family that happiness constitutes severally again after amiable divorce, grow to child health instead advantageous.

Engage by special arrangement makes a speech: "Patchy marriage " difficult long
In my old job practice, often encounter husband and wife because of all sorts of reasons " patchy " circumstance. When marriage encounters a problem, both sides of husband and wife is not to be sought actively solve, however " patchy " finish sth, the problem accumulation, cumulative rise, this kind of condition is inactive. It gives 2 people of husband and wife to create heavy psychological burden not only, still can bury next crises to the life henceforth.
In current society, marriage compares the past more be hard to " patchy " , because most modern accepts a kind of far-fetched marriage form very hard, most person's happiest between meeting general the world affinity and deep terrestrial affection express in marriage, the hope gets a kind of happiness to experience and be experienced of the life from inside marriage, is not the domesticity that him reluctance goes to accepting a kind of unfortunate blessing. Look from realistic point of view, modern values the quality of the life more, this is as consuetudinary as the tradition very different place.
The problem appearing in marriage is very normal, if can actively resolves these problems and contradiction, maintaining while happiness lives, obtain stronger control the ability of the life, this is best of course. Nevertheless, the degree that if the problem arrives already badly,cannot mediate, although both sides tries hard because of all sorts of reasons " patchy " go down, such family also is not happy.

Xu Ying: If psychological doctor does not love to divorce
Speak of the marriage that keeps cease to exist except in name for the child, I have feeling greatly. In those days, I and former husband feeling are complete already burst, it is irretrievable that each other also know. In the home, our form is the same as road passerby, the care that did not have each other and considerate, more do not talk to go up loved. I often think: Such marriage follows distinction of sepulchral it doesn't matter simply. I want to cast off hard, hearten want to talk about a divorce with him, can think of the child has only more than 3 years old, feel to cannot bear at the heart again, having makinging do with. I see a book accidentally later, descriptive is mixed patchy family. Object to the utmost in the book for child stoop to compromise, think this is irresponsible to the extreme of the husband and child. After looking, I am inspired, think the marriage that maintains death is for the child formerly, it is the greatest to the child harm actually. I am final ground of resolute and decisive chose to divorce. Now, I and my husband roams in the ocean of love, enjoying the sweetness of love to the top of one's bent, at the same time I handle the relation with former husband sensibly also, I and husband become him friend courtesy demands reciprocity, my child much two people that are fond of her -- my husband and former husband present wife.
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