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Heart by the wife lacerate
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Heart by the wife lacerate

Thing of family of difficult careful of honest and upright official, somebody wants the likelihood my ego is analysed one time, ha! No matter be to be an upright person,I think, handle affairs to want to compare the heart the heart, want to have sense of property; Does everybody think to be opposite? It is to marry more than 10 years to come below, in daily life medium, peace is enraged fragrance in the wife often speaks a half word naturally however, I ask how she returns a responsibility; Whether true and false, she fumbles again; If be false,do not say more, such meetings are separate I am sentimental, but crossed a few days to change another kind of form to convey again.

I regret to marry you a bit really;

We were acquainted to marry before long, too fast at that time;

You besides not off the rails still I do not know you still have what profit;

I am married it is so good now that others may have some of case to do not have, but always may meet a few more additionally than now a lot of;

You are not me in memory a best;

You are not a very handsome man;

I begin a mistake to think you are OK still, the ability after marrying discovers without what you are so good,

I do not know how to can marry you really at that time;

I and your be strange bedfellows, without common language;

I should explain: I am common of an every husband child, I am not so called " v/arc true man " or " young man " but the main economy pillar that I am a family, at present the car has a building; Also love a child; Also do not have the habit with undesirable what, the dinner party on the life is very small also very small, and the child also is compared sensible, read in key middle school. To she and her family, come more than 10 years I am unashamed.

Was husband and wife communicated? NO! She is in the life often intentional with my oppose, I had done not have method really! Alas! A word: Was over!
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