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Husband and wife swings swing on affection
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Husband and wife swings swing on affection

Phenomenon: Have pair of husband and wife, realise oneself marry 5 years to come, get along in ceaseless affray. Once tried to live apart for many times, kiss intimate contact finally again, passed one year another year in an another loop. Every time circular be exactly the same. It is small first make a noise, become slowly be troubled by greatly, it is glower photograph again to, have a fracture, till be wife run back to a married woman's parents' home, the length that is a husband is stationed in the office. Wait to not be together really, did not have " the enemy " , two people are pulled each other care hang, miss a lot of profit with a ferial the other side. Experience do sth over and over again one time, this goes again again to husband and wife, it seems that feeling deep. But after all good times don't last long, new round of loop is in imperceptible in opened a head again. Really cent is long close surely, close long divide surely. The life that is like this pair of husband and wife oneself have programming prevenient, like swinging Qiu Jie, and on raise and straining are complete besides the person's control.

Analysis: Afore-mentioned scenes see more quite, to psychologist people provided very rich data, they found a pattern very easily with respect to amid, be called double hasten double avoid conflict. There are two causes before people namely, will tell these two targets to have advantages and disadvantages each to party, have each attract and be fed up with, incline to and evasive contradiction, this constituted intense conflict. Get together medicinal powder, divide and be two such targets. Why can you appear on affection to swing the phenomenon of swing?

Concrete analysis has the following reason. One of, inevitability. Both sides of husband and wife made class of a drama, they are being performed together. Press respective disposition reveal with interactive, gut develops ahead. This has very clear immanent rule and vein among them. Secondly, idealism. If there always is a desire in the heart, find dissatisfactory thing very easily in reality, this rots necessarily the mood, and likely still vent one's anger on sb who's not to blame at the person. The result is the wish that is inferior to his everywhere. Thirdly, personal growth. Harmonious marriage is relied on already also conduce to both sides of husband and wife growing. If husband and wife always is immersed in vicious circle in, the reviewing that explains one party or bilateral lack are enough meditates ability, lack the capacity that suit and adjusts.

Countermeasure: Countermeasure one. Accept reality. People is easy " never be satisfied where one is " , this is the psychological activity of escapism actually. The person that has tried truly knows, that hill is not as tall as this hill, each have its view just. Important is the reality that faces marriage, solve the affection problem that encounters actively.
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