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Husband and wife is unripe fuggy
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Husband and wife gives birth to fuggy injury the body is sadder

Between husband and wife now and then make a point at odds, angry, how old to be not being had for husband and wife of great majority conjugal love hinder, very quick meeting " vanish completely " . There also is such husband and wife in living nevertheless, their lifetime gas is perpetual, everybody does not talk with the other side, stretching tight face, what sink murkily is total disappear " sunshine " . Namely people often says " unripe fuggy " .

Abominable mood is the murderer that causes disease, abominable mood depends on to the size of healthy harm two elements -- intensity and persistent time. Alleged intensity shows life is slight dissatisfaction or angry, still have spent anger; Duration shows life is a few brief minutes come a few minutes, or a few days longer even. Be born between husband and wife fuggy, in the begining the likelihood is mostly dissatisfaction or angry " persnickety " , dan Yu knot is in the heart time is too long, contradict to be not solved, the result makes contradiction more serious, "Persnickety " become " atmosphere " . This is a kind of chronic spirit torment, can make each system regular inside human body the function is restrained, then immunize level is reduced, cause a variety of diseases.

Scientific test tells us, no matter how the person's feeling is depressive, want finally to go out through all sorts of way drain. Husband and wife is born for a long time fuggy, insoluble problem, can bring about instead serious consequence -- appear on feeling of husband and wife crack and even feeling are complete burst, or it is gas knot at the heart, one party or both sides cause severe disease. Do not apply between husband and wife so give birth to fuggy means to handle contradiction, the word tells in public, mix the indolence in the heart quickly complaint abreacts come out, as long as way is proper, can not hurt the feeling between husband and wife.