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Husband and wife quarrels have exquisite
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Husband and wife quarrels have exquisite

A common day, all along I of conjugal love two squabble began below the circumstance that does not have a bit prelude. Perhaps be me the edge sees the dissatisfaction that this one abuse had a meal to cause her by the side of newspaper, perhaps be I have a few objection to the quality of meal accidentally, more or my hand is grasped shake accuse implement search ball game and did not wash a bowl actively, wife sad and shrill long howl sleeps lightly me from inside sweet atmosphere at a draught: "Do you know to grouse? Do you know to watch ball game? I cook you wash a bowl you said this word how many times, but a few times had been you fulfilled after all? When can you just make allowances for me want the job to should give you the trouble that cook again again all the day? When can you just make allowances for me want the job to should give you the trouble that cook again again all the day??

Brawl with me silent not language wash a bowl to sweep the floor and announce an end. Fooled a wife to rest, light a smoke, I crouch in sofa to begin to review my: Walk out of a door, you are installed so that resemble a strong man, hold one's head high hold out a bosom. Return the home only in, you just can show your flimsy one side. It is the wife gave you tender feelings and warmth, what what does not satisfy do you still have? Next a month I can fulfil my duty to become a good man responsibly, care a wife, have deep love for labor, but before long I can restore laziness again, play the same old trick, it is a brawl then, it is think over...

A lot of moment I rejoice between oneself and wife 9 months the brawl that has the law, I feel this is stimulative husband and wife communication, deepen emotive of husband and wife a kind of best method. But what should notice is, quarrel to also have knowledge. It is to want above all little quarrel. Want to accomplish this, a few cordial communication and communication should have more between husband and wife, want to be good at enjoying advantage of the other side, want to learn drive up to observe the perspective of the other side, see the other side more namely " the United States is qualitative " , see the other side less " deformed " , dig the other side conciously " window " . Be good at the scenery that beauty admires in the brigade from marriage, can reduce angry frequency certainly.

It is to should be happy next " be deceived " . The person's feeling, often be such ground mysterious. Between husband and wife no matter the nest in whose heart is worn a fire, should let it abreact only come out calmed immediately in the heart. Accordingly, as the husband and wife of real conjugal love, if one party was moved " gas " , other one party should stand to angle of the other side to want, be good at making allowances for the mood of the other side, moderate land is done a few patient, self-effacing.

It is to want to be able to quarrel again.
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