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Henpecked man is lovely
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Henpecked man is lovely

As the progress of human development and society, the woman is in the position in the society is higher and higher, and old man " henpecked " (henpecked to be afraid of wife namely) the phenomenon is commonner and commonner also.

The man that is very fond of wife is afraid of wife. The man shows consideration for wife to know Leng Zhi to heat up is of course originally, but put on " be afraid of " word, however every man can be not accomplished. "Be afraid of " do not understand can simply to fear, and should understand another kind of kind that is care. Because " be afraid of " , no longer with wife conflict endlessly, because " be afraid of " , satisfy a few requirements of wife, such as, next buying dish, acquire for wife the new clothes with a high price, the job is again busy, must takes out bit of time to accompany wife to talk about confabulate to perhaps take a walk. These are " be afraid of " incorporate, do not break however manful.

The man with exalted morality of goodness of a person's mind is afraid of wife. This is the good man that a kind of everybody highly praises, perhaps be to be afraid that wife enrages the body bad, perhaps be to do not let the brawl between husband and wife affect the feeling of the child's study and husband and wife, get hurt to comfort wife better irritable heart, fine of intention of it may be said of this kind of man is bitter, this is a kind of good man really.

The man of expanse of breadth of mind is afraid of wife. This kind of man not plan past grudge, get manage forgive person, catholic. Can understand more to wife especially show sympathy, will make a lot of contradiction change arms to be jade objects and silk fabrics. Of course, the outside and the inside of this kind of man is consistent, cannot the surface magnanimouses one pair wind model, it is bowel of little stomach chicken however under the counter, inevitable in that way meeting walks along another extreme.

The man that made a mistake is afraid of wife, this kind of man already recreant guilty, but be not without a single redeeming feature, most he knows at least oneself made a fault, produce henpecked psychology from this. Want him to know a fault to change surely only to this kind of man, make no longer, be afraid of again to wife love again, also be a kind of good man.

Anyhow, pawn is afraid of a word is not terrible, want pair of families only, the man that has high sense of responsibility to the family member has so a bit is afraid of wife. But ultimate goal just is to make wife happier make feeling of husband and wife more harmonious, where is what is there against it?