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The application of content of psychotherapy process Chinese traditional medicine
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The application of content of psychotherapy process Chinese traditional medicine

Yun Long of Tang Qiuping Deng

Be in early the fifties metaphase, americanism disease learns to to medicationing with professional of other mental hygiene sheet is used or combine psychotherapy to exist difference [1] . Mix as psychotherapy medication of experience accumulate, having a kind of tendency that increases gradually additionally is view psychotherapy and medicationed union [2] . The concerned issue that the article uses with respect to content of psychotherapy process Chinese traditional medicine makes one overview, summary medications potential to psychotherapy effect, what circumstance needs the psychological motivation meaning that appears with the medicine, likelihood that use drug to wait.

1, medicaments is right the likelihood of psychotherapy side-effect

(1) medicaments brings about a symptom to reduce, the motive that the patient explores psychotherapy is abate. Most spirit medicaments alleviates effectively the patient's spirit is fretful, neurosis sex angst, or other symptom, such patients are right the motivation of psychotherapy will greatly abate [1] . If remedy is too effective,forecast according to this one hypothesis, the patient seeks psychotherapy no longer, already reduced from the symptom because of him in satisfied, the change of the character trait that stops further deep administrative levels then [3] .

(2) medications the defense ability that weakens a patient. The pharmacodynamics effect of a kind of medicaments can weaken function of a few main defense prematurely, can produce the compensation mechanism that the symptom is replaced or other symptom forms then. The formation that somebody reports to if there may be new symptom after hypnotic cure,psychotherapy is carried out [1] . This is to assume the symptom maintains a kind of balance between conflict and defence, angst, depressed, insecurity is reduced prematurely can disturb this is balanced and the conflict that releases deeper administrative levels [1, 3] .

(For the patient that 3) accepts psychotherapy to expectation, medication the possibility produces ill effect [1-4] . Be like patient expectation psychotherapy and take medicine to be able to have certain side effect to the patient. The patient can do not have interest to medicaments, be afraid that to medicaments addiction or skeptic are likely also disobedient cure or irregular with medicine; On the other hand the likelihood makes some patients feel lose self-respect, he with regarding prescribe as a kind of control of the outside, or the person that think to treat thinks he already him mishandle problem, especially the administrative levels of certain to having culture, person that take psychotherapy and self-fulfilment seriously. Because the culture arrangement of ideas of social class, patient is disparate and the expectation to psychotherapy is different, in the patient that believes psychotherapy in a few photographs, often be considered as a kind of failure with medicine.
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