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Qin of chloric third Mi and the trends that fluorine lows cure to force content
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Qin of chloric third Mi and the trends that fluorine lows cure to force content of disease curative effect and amine of 5- hydroxide color on the west observe

Zhang Yongfang of Hu Hualan Chang'an

[summary] the purpose is discussed force disease and 5- hydroxide lubricious amine (the relation of 5-HT) . The article chooses the method to treat 38 to force disease patient with Qin of chloric third Mi and fluorine Xi Ting, at the same time observation treats the change of content of 5-HT of around patient plaque. The result did not take medicine to force ordinary person of calibration of content of 5-HT of disease patient plaque tall (P < 0.01) . Classics after medicationing, of the patient force a symptom to improve apparently, plaque 5-HT content drops gradually, and content of 5-HT of the plaque after cure and Y-BOCS grading drop percentage shows negative to close (R=-0.6204, p < 0.01) . Conclusion clew forces disease to come on likelihood and 5-HT are unusual about.
[keyword] force curative effect of Xi Ting of fluorine of Qin of Mi of chloric third of lubricious amine of disease 5- hydroxide
A Study On Dynamic Change Of Efficacy And Platelet Serotonin Content During Clomipramine And Fluoxetine Treatment Of Obsessive-compulsive Disorder.Hu Hua, lian Changan, zhang Yongfang, department Of Psychiatry, first Affiliated Hospital Of Chongqing University Of Medical Sciences, 1 You Yi Road, chongqing.400016. Tel:023   -   68898298
[Abstracts] The Purpose Of This Study Was To Research The Relationship Between Obsessive-compulsive Disordor(OCD) And 5-hydroxtryptamine(5-HT) of Objective   . Methods   38 Cases Of OCD Were Treated With Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors, either Climipramine Or Fluoxetine. Platelet 5-HT Content Of The Patients Were Observed Before And After Treatment. 0.01).There Were Graduate Improvement Of Their OCD Symptoms And Reduction Of Platelet 5-HT Content Of Obsessive-compulsive Patients After Six Weeks Treatment With Clomipramine Or Fluoxetine.Moreover of < of Results It Was Found That The Drug-free OCD Patients Had A Higher Level Of Platelet 5-HT Content Than That Of The Normal (P, the Platelet 5-HT Concentration After Treatment Was Negatively Correlated With Percentages Of Yale-Brown Obsessive-compulsive Scales(Y-BOCS) Reduction(r=-0.6204, p < 0.01) . Conclusions These Results Suggest That OCD Might Have 5-HT Dysfunction.
[Key Words]   of Fluoxetine of   of Clomipramine of   of Disorder Serotonin of   Obsessive-compulsive   Efficacy

Forcing disease is a kind of common neurosis, its pathogeny and hair interpretation of the cause are made up to now still not quite clear. As Qin of chloric third Mi, fluorine in recent years the block such as careless amine of bend over of Xi Ting, fluorine breaks 5-HT the distinct curative effect that resorbent medicaments presents to forcing disease [1, 2] , improved the remedial condition that forces disease apparently not only, the research that also sends ill mechanism for its provided important clue. Accordingly, the serum element that a few scholars of foreign offerred to force disease to come on (5-HT) unusual hypothesis [3] . The domestic research in this respect is less, especially the biochemical research that fluorine lows cure to force disease on the west has not appear in the newspaper. For this, xi Ting of Qin of Mi of article choice chloric third, fluorine treats 38 to force disease patient, observe its curative effect and remedial around force the dynamic change of content of 5-HT of disease patient plaque, force disease in order to discuss to send ill mechanism. Report as follows now.
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