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Shequlin and cure of Qin of chloric third Mi force disease double blind to contr
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Shequlin and cure of Qin of chloric third Mi force disease double blind to contrast observation

Fourth Bao Kunpeng of glow of dawn of the Qin Dynasty vasts

Forcing disease is clinical go up relatively common and a kind of more difficult neurosis on cure. In medicationing traditionally with curative effect of Qin of chloric third Mi relatively affirmative. In recent years document reports 5 hydroxide lubricious amine absorbs depressor again (the curative effect with better to forcing the cure of disease to also have SSRIs) [1] . We to Shequlin and Qin of chloric third Mi two kinds of medicaments are being treated force disease side, undertake double blind random parallel contrasts research, report as follows now.
1 data
1.1 average data: The patient originates reached the outpatient service of psychology of Chinese medical university November 1996 and mental hygiene hospital in March 1996 force disease patient, in all 38, among them outpatient service 21, be in hospital 17; Accord with Chinese mental disease to classify plan with diagnostic standard revision of the 2nd edition diagnoses a standard about forcing disease, have department of American Yale medicine and department of Brown university medicine by 2 doctors force a symptom to measure a watch (Y-BOCS) grading, the person that always divide ≥ 16 minutes is entered group, eliminate the person that other spirit obstacle reachs major body disease. Enter the patient randomly group, abandon music forest group 22, male 10, female 12, average age (34.1 ± 11.2) year old, course of diseases (32.2 ± 36.47) month; Group of Qin of chloric third Mi 16, male 8, female 8, average age (36.1 ± 11.6) year old, course of diseases (29.1 ± 19.97) month. Two across block get stuck to just examine with T in classics of respect of sexual distinction, age, course of diseases nonsignificant difference (P > 0.05) .
1.2 medicaments dosage reachs formulary way: Press random, double blind principle, with the drug that company of brightness luck pharmacy supplies, pack reach the capsule preparation with exterior identical character, every 50 milligram, grade of medicines and chemical reagents 1 ~ 50, research hind uncovers blind to this academy doctor and drug personnel. Have by a definite date into group patient 1 week comfort an agent to clean, take Shequlin or Qin of chloric third Mi next, increase by degrees according to the illness, the largest dose must not exceed 300 Mg. Final cure dosage abandons music forest group to be (106.25 ± 41.72) Mg, group of Qin of chloric third Mi is (121.21 ± 49.30) Mg, sleep-disorder person benzene of operable small dose 2 nitrogen (Piao) / (eminent) kind medicaments.
Assess of 1.3 curative effect: Use 4 grade assess. Heal Y-BOCS decreases cent to lead ≥ 75% , show into ≥ 50% , ascensive ≥ 25% , invalid < 25% , use deputy reaction assess to express at the same time (SECL) gives a mark [2] . At cure before, routine of blood in the urine all has when cure hind reachs 8 weeks 4 weeks, liver function, electrocardiogram examination reachs medical.
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