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Cure of Qin of chloric third Mi forces disease 37 clinical observation
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Cure of Qin of chloric third Mi forces disease 37 clinical observation

Huang Jihui Gao Guohao

Force disease to be in clinical on very common, the 1 % ~ that its incidence of a disease takes average crowd about 3 % [1] , but cure is relatively difficult however. 80 time later period, because had Qin of Mi of new drug chloric third and make the circumstance got ameliorative. Come to a few years now, my courtyard receives 37 when treat to force disease patient to treat a circumstance to be summed up as follows.

1 object and method
1.1 objects case of illness all is chosen from the patient that ~ received my courtyard between 1997 1993, accord with Chinese spirit disease to classify plan and diagnostic standard revised edition of the 2nd edition (CCMD-2-R) force disease to diagnose a standard; Remove body disease, head implement qualitative sex disease; Eliminate companion to the other spirit disease such as the schizophrenia that forces a symptom, depressed disease suffers from; Eliminate to force character and other spirit obstacle, in all 37. Among them male 17, female 20; 24.6 ± is 7.5 average age years old; Half an year of course of diseases comes 14 years, average 4.3 ± 2.6 years. Force him memory to not matter among them of the thing force an idea 11; Repeatedly catharsis, check repeatedly, enquire repeatedly wait for 26 when force action.
The sheet after 1.2 methods patient is admitted to hospital uses treatment of Qin of chloric third Mi, begin from 50 Mg everyday, two weeks or so achieve remedial dosage. Days of the biggest quantity is 250 Mg, average D of / of 156.7 ± 43.6 Mg. Before be being treated respectively, 2 on the weekend, 4 mix on the weekend 8 use Marks horror to force to measure a watch on the weekend (MSCPOR) [2] undertake assess to treating a condition, treat 8 weeks at least. Clinical curative effect presses 4 class assess, namely heal, striking progress, progress, invalid. After cure begins every two weeks use deputy reaction to measure a watch (TESS) [2] assess 1 deputy reaction.

2 results
Patient of analysis of 2.1 curative effect is controlled two weeks in Qin of Mi of chloric third of profess to convinced begin occurrence curative effect; Arrive the 8th on the weekend, in 37 case of illness, heal 8, occupy 21.6 % ; Striking progress 18, occupy 48.6 % ; Progress 7, occupy 18.9 % ; Invalid 4, occupy 10.8 % . Show efficiency (heal + progresses significantly) amount to 70.2 % . Remedial around reduces cent for 18.09, p < 0.01, have extremely significance difference (1) seeing a table.

Express Qin of Mi of 1 chloric third to treat around MSCPOR to decrease minute of circumstance

Remedial time grading reduces minute of rate (% ) T P
Before cure 66.78 ± 5.43

2 on the weekend > of 62.32 ± 4.36 6.62 2.36 0.05
4 on the weekend < of 51.46 ± 4.78 22.74 5.17 0.01
8 on the weekend < of 48.69 ± 3.65 26.89 8.23 0.01

2.2 pairs of reaction press TESS assess result, deputy reaction is ordinal do 18 for the mouth, occupy 48.6 % ; Constipation 13, occupy 35.1 % ; Be addicted to sleeps 8, occupy 21.6 % .
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