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Chinese is formal the name is stable
Trade name reachs alias ground Xi Pan
English name Diazepam (Valium)
Preparation tablet: 2.5mg; 5mg. Injection: 10mg (2ml) .
[Get used to disease]
[Action and utility] as similar as chlorodyne, but its fight angst action and action of relax of flesh dried meat floss relatively chlorodyne is 5 times stronger, fight convulsions action to be 10 times of chlorodyne. Apply to angst, nervous, depressed, terrified etc neurosis, force disease, sleep-disorder, epileptic to stubborn sex fit has better effect, vein inject is medicable epilepsy lasts condition. Nervous to the anxiety that heart body disease causes condition, stubborn sex insecurity has a headache curative effect is better.

No-no disease
1, faint patient avoid uses muscle of baby, glaucoma, serious illness.

2, long with can form depend on, stop medicine to be able to cause Buddhist monastic discipline to break a symptom suddenly.
Harmful response is common sleep to think of, tension of lack of power, flesh is low, easy trip. Vein inject may cause breath to restrain.
Take methodological profess to convinced, every time 2.5 ~ 5mg, daily 1 3 one, a day of gross must not exceed 25mg. Flesh is noted or static note, every time 10 ~ 20mg, 1 ~ 3 / day.

Vein inject cannot use water, physiological saline or dextrose solution dilute with inject, can happen otherwise muddy.
Conpatibility of medicines is no-no
At present price tablet: Injection of 2.5mg*100/1.64 2.5mg*20/0.8   : 10mg*10/4 yuan
Manufacturing unit
[Pharmacodynamics action]
[Medical generation is kinetic]
[Action mechanism]
Profess to convinced is absorbed rapid and complete, about 1 hour amounts to hematic great peak value. Flesh is noted absorb slow and irregular. Static after noting can enter center quickly and become effective, but transfer quickly again to other organization, duration is consequently short. Rate of serous albumen couple is 97 ~ 98 % , half-life is 30, 60 hours. Inside body partial translate into goes armour hydroxyl is stable, classics liver metabolizes, by make water, excrement and urine but eduction. Toxic hind cannot by blood dialytic eduction.