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The medicaments of depressed disease is treated for a long time
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The medicaments of depressed disease is treated for a long time

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One, why should use medicaments to be treated for a long time?

1. generally speaking we will fight depressed treatment component to be 3 phase:

The first phase is ☆ acute period cure: The head that points to the cure that take drug commonly 3 months. The remedial target of this first phase is the depressed symptom with marked original improvement, make the patient's illness alleviates.
The 2nd phase is ☆ to treat continuously period: It is acute remedial period is the following 6 months. The cause that this first phase treats is to consolidate original curative effect, prevent the resume combustion of the illness.
☆ the 3rd period to manage treatment: The end that manages treatment is the recrudesce that prevents a patient's condition. Somebody tracks research discovery of 10 years to depressed disease patient: The patient that has 80 % of 75 % ~ has a relapse for many times. Someone reports heavy sex is depressed the probability that disease first time has a relapse after depressed fit (5 years recrudesce is led) for 50 % , it is 75 % the 2nd times, the probability that after breaking out the 3rd times, has a relapse near 100 % , undertake to depressed disease patient cure is indispensible persistent so. The accident between the circumstance meantime with the time different ground that maintains cure also has different. Think commonly, break out for the first time and medication face a patient that alleviate, the hold time of medicaments is June ~ 1 year; If be fit the 2nd times, the view is maintained treat 3 ~ 5 years; If be the 3rd times or 3 times above breaks out, should maintain for a long time till cure is lifelong take drug.
Maintain remedial period is controversy having a place actually at present. Supportive expert thinks 3 period be short of one cannot; And some experts think to not was necessary to undertake managing treatment however, since,they think of depressed disease alleviate period it is completely normal, not was necessary to use drug, when wanting to have a relapse in the illness only, treating with medicine went. But no matter what is the expert to maintaining remedial point of view, the cure that everybody's unanimous opinion is depressed disease is necessary should experience acute remedial period and treat continuously period.
That is to say the cure to depressed disease most at least should take medicaments continuously 9 months.
The dosage problem that 2. treats for a long time:

Think commonly, the dose that the dosage that treats continuously should treat with acute is same; To maintaining remedial dose, the 2/3 that a lot of doctor habits will maintain remedial dosage to fall to be measured to cure comes 1/2. But fight depressed agent to be in as new generation face the wide application of field, the point of view that at present one is accepted by broad and clinical doctor namely the maintains cure dose of depressed disease should with the dose that acute period treats is same. If with fluorine Xi Ting is treated, acute period and the dose that maintain cure all are 20mg/ day (everyday) .
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