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Fight the price of depressed medicine
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Fight the price of depressed medicine

Medical name packs price dosage
Much Lv makes the same score 300mg of ~ of 25mg*100 8.00 150mg
A rice is replaced forest 250mg of ~ of 25mg*100 21.00 150mg
Road drop is beautiful (Mai Pu is replaced forest, nuo China) 300mg of ~ of 25mg*30 40.20 150mg
300mg of ~ of 25mg*100 8.90 150mg of third Mi Qin
300mg of ~ of 25mg*48 41.5 150mg of Qin of chloric third Mi
How to take fragrance Buddhist nun (Qin of chloric third Mi, nuo China) 300mg of ~ of 25mg*30 41.4 150mg
100 actor are solved (fluorine lows on the west, the ceremony comes) 80mg of ~ of 20mg*28 341.90 20mg
Actor is overcome (fluorine lows on the west, changzhou 4 medicine) 80mg of ~ of 20mg*7 38.00 20mg
Sailete 80mg of ~ of 20mg*10 136.6 20mg
150mg of ~ of 50mg*14 120.40 50mg of left Luo Fu
300mg of ~ of 50mg*20 98.90 150mg of beautiful express jade
Happy North (10 thousand play a way new, whitworth 100 palace) 75mg*14 153.00
225mg of ~ of 150mg*14 198.00 75mg
Bo Lexin (10 thousand play a way new, chengdu big southwest) 225mg of ~ of 25mg*16 66.70 75mg
45mg of ~ of 30mg*10 162.00 30mg of lucky beautiful grand
Happy general is clever (Xi Taipu orchid) about 10 yuan
Lan Shi 3 many yuan piece (particular case, welcome everybody to offer)