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Fight blue medicaments
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[Graph article] fight blue medicaments

The success that depressed disease treats divides correct examine to break, outside logical choice medicaments, period of treatment and dosage are most important. The recrudesce that common error depends on pair of depressed disease and understanding of suicidal danger sex are insufficient, accordingly often dosage low, period of treatment is short.
Depressed disease cure can divide for 3 phase (3 period cure) :
(1) treat in order to control a symptom for the acute of the target period: Disappear to the symptom with enough dosage.
(2) in order to consolidate curative effect, avoid an illness to be treated for target continuity repeatedly period; Complete rehabilitation comes after the symptom disappears, need 4 ~ about 9 months, if restore not completely, the illness is easy relapse.
(3) those who prevent recrudesce to be a target is preventive remedial period, hind two period part not easily completely, constant a general designation is treated to maintain. Think following case needs to manage treatment commonly: ① 3 or 3 above are depressed the person that break out; ② breaks out toward 2 already, if break out first,the age is less than 20 years old; Appear twice inside 3 years serious show effect or inside 1 year frequent fit is mixed twice have masculine gender familial history person. Hold time accident, dosage needs to inspect fit frequency, serious degree and calm.
One, 3 annulus fight gloomy agent (Tricyclic Antidepressants, TCAs)
Qin of chloric third rice (An Nafen Buddhist nun) , A rice is replaced forest, much Lv is smooth (much a place of strategic importance is equal)
2, 4 annulus fight blue medicaments
Road drop is beautiful
3, alternative serum element is resorbent depressor (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors, SSRI)
General of 100 actor solution, Sailete, left Luo Fu, happy event is clever (Xi Taipu orchid) , Lan Shi (Ma Lai is acerbity fluorine Fu Shaming piece Luvox® )
4, depressor of 脢 of oxidation of reversibility odd amine (RIMA)
chloric shellfish amine, frowsty coke
5, 5 hydroxide lubricious amine and go adrenalin shoots shell again double depressor (SNRI)
Happy Nuo thinks of 〔 the 10 thousand stars that play a way (pagoda of Venlafaxine) 〕 , Xin Mu
6, go armour as can lubricious as particularity 5- hydroxide amine can fight adrenalin depressed agent NaSSA
Nitrogen of rice of 〔 of lucky beautiful grand is smooth (Mirtazapine) 〕
7, other
Beautiful Shu Yu (ketone of Zun of hydrochloric acid music) , black power is new, amount to body bright, rice An Selin (take off Er irritated)
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