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Logical sequence of A general Zun
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Logical sequence of A general Zun

Chinese is formal logical sequence of Zun of renown A general
Trade name and alias beautiful are static stable, beautiful is happy calm
English name Alprazolam (Xanax)
Preparation tablet: 0.4mg.
[Get used to disease]
[Action and utility]
Taste through the couple that centre particularity accepts put oneself in another's position generation to fight angst action originally, its intensity is 10 times stable. The likelihood has lighter fight depressed action, can shorten fall asleep time, reduce arousal number, improve Morpheus quality. Still have fight muscle of sex of epileptic, centre lax action. Before applying to insomnia of angst, depressed, stubborn sex, epilepsy and art composed.

No-no disease
Patient of woman of L, pregnant woman, lactation, glaucoma is banned with.

2, the person that use drug for a long time, stop medicine to should reduce an amount gradually.
Harmful response basically has Mondayish, head sinks and have a headache, when equivalent price its occurence rate is little at stable. Additionally it is thus clear that the mouth does faintness of feeling of disgusting, constipation, heart-throb, n&v snuffle, eyesight, quiver to wait, but all lighter. Can form for a long time with medicine depend on.

Take methodological profess to convinced: Day of / of 0.4 ~ 1.2mg, divide 2 ~ 3 times to take. Old people reduces an amount. Treat depressed disease to be able to increase dosage, but do not exceed 4mg continuously everyday.
Conpatibility of medicines is no-no
At present price 0.4mg*60/4.53 yuan   0.4mg*100/6.9 yuan  
Manufacturing unit
[Pharmacodynamics action]
[Medical generation is kinetic]
[Action mechanism] profess to convinced is absorbed rapid, da Feng of chroma of drug of 2 hours of blood is worth 1 ~ . Rate of serous albumen couple is 80 % , half-life is 12 ~ 15 hours. Main metabolization child is α logical sequence of Zun of general of one hydroxyl A and ketone of 2 benzene armour, former active is the half of the mother's body, latter does not have active. Can pass placenta and from galactic in excrete. Basically excrete by the kidney.