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Ketone of fourth snail annulus
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Ketone of fourth snail annulus

Chinese is formal ketone of annulus of name fourth snail
Trade name and alias cloth this Pai grand
English name Buspirone (Buspar, travin)
Preparation tablet: 5mg; 10mg.
[Get used to disease]
[Action and utility] be not BZ for new generation kind fight angst drug, this tasting have fight angst action, but its mechanism and stable kind different, its basically serve as 5 - HT1A accepts put oneself in another's position excited agent and generation defies angst result. In the meantime, because this tasting,can reduce put oneself in another's position inside 5 - HT suffers body sensitivity and have fight depressed action. Without composed and hypnotic effect, also lack fight convulsions and muscle lax action. Because have effect,do not apply to acute disease exemple slow. Yi Ke is used at angst companion to have spend gently depressed person. The biggest advantage is depended on to do not arise, do not have abusive danger consequently.

No-no diseaseFunction of L, serious liver, kidney faint, children, pregnant woman bans not complete, glaucoma and serious illness flesh with.
2, unfavorable with centre depressor, depressor, fight coagulate medicine and MAOI kind operable.
Bowel of harmful response stomach unwell, disgusting, diarrhoea, have a headache, swimmy, excited, insomnia. Rare generation dependence.
Take methodological profess to convinced: Begin dosage 5mg, daily 3. Increase by degrees later to day of / of 20 ~ 30mg; Highest quantity is 60mg / day. Old people does not exceed 15mg commonly.
Conpatibility of medicines is no-no
At present price tablet: 5mg/ piece / 1.4 yuan 20 / box / 28 yuan
Manufacturing unit
[Pharmacodynamics action]
[Medical generation is kinetic]
[Action mechanism] profess to convinced is absorbed good, the time that amount to a peak is 0.5 ~ 1 hour. Rate of serous albumen couple is 95 % . Half-life is 2 ~ 11 hours. 90 % metabolize in liver, metabolization child 60 % by uric eduction, 40 % by eduction of excrement and urine.

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